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Collective taxis: they report that registered in the register they have complaints of robbery, rape, violence against authority and others

On January 28, the register of providers of the service of transporting people by collective car was closed, which allowed the registration of 4,000 drivers. However, the Final Point Investigation Unit revealed that many of those registered have complaints of assault, extortion, rape, violence against authority, causing traffic accidents, among other crimes.

According to the Sunday, among those registered in said register – which was open from December 28, 2021 and only asked for basic information such as names, address, driver’s license, route and company – is José Miguel Sabino Valdivia, who was arrested in October 2018 for robbing a cell phone store in La Libertad.

Likewise, Luis Bauman Delgado was identified, who in July 2021 deceived a young woman to his home to offer her a job; however, he outraged her. In addition, this subject has a dozen traffic tickets in his name.

The aforementioned media detailed that they had access to the Excel of the list of bus drivers that the Ministry of Transport and Communications enabled through the Superintendency of Land Transport of People, Cargo and Goods (Sutran), where they verified that the names of the bus drivers could not be displayed. registered drivers, but only their driver’s licenses.

“I wonder, an extortionist, a rapist, one who has more than 50 ballots could be within this system, it is impossible”, he pointed Martin Ojeda, representative of the carriers union. “We as formals require us, we agree, that if a driver is linked to two tickets of infraction it is already with a firm sanction, he can no longer drive, “he added.


The report also revealed that among those registered in the register is Marcos Ubaldo Hanco Mamani, who caused an accident that left several injured when he was driving a van on January 17, 2020 in Arequipa.

Like Froilán Media de la Cruz, who starred in a multiple clash in Chimbote, where the current parliamentarian Laydi Camones was injured in June 2021.

There is also Junior Bautista Barrenzuela, who was arrested for robbery in an intervention to the Grafts of Manchay. As well as Zacarias Torres Poma and Feliciano Huanca Aima, denounced and intervened for dragging and running over police officers in Huancayo and Cusco, respectively.

According to Sutran, during 2021 it was reported that minor vehicles such as buses participated in 40% of road accidents and only 4% registered the participation of buses.

According to the criteria of

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