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College of Teachers disagrees with the proposal to increase capacity to 100%: “That is to say that COVID-19 is over”

Lima, February 21, 2022Updated on 02/21/2022 12:41 pm

the dean of College of Teachers of Peru (CPPE), Heli Ocaña, was against the proposal of the Minister of Health, Hernan Condoriso that the capacity of closed and open spaces is 100%, a measure that, if approved, would also cover educational centers within the framework of the return to face-to-face classes.

In statements to Successful, Ocoña recalled that there are still infections and deaths from the coronavirus (COVID-19) nationwide. “To cancel the capacity practically for entering public or private spaces, that is to say that COVID-19 has ended, its lethality, that there is no longer COVID-19″he pointed.

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“I believe that the Minister of Health is responsible and in charge of this issue and must understand according to the needs of the complete situation that the country is experiencing. Unfortunately, deaths from COVID-19 continue to occur, infections continue to occur, of course in smaller percentages, but saying 100% (of capacity) does not seem to me, “ he asserted.

College of Teachers rejects proposal to increase capacity to 100%: “(It) is putting the lives of millions of students at risk”

Likewise, Dean Ocaña warned that, according to specialists such as former Minister Óscar Ugarte, the expansion of the capacity could generate a resurgence of infections because educational centers could become sources of coronavirus infection.

“The Minister of Education (Rosendo Serna) by raiding (at 100% capacity), I think, what he is putting is at risk the lives of millions of students and also of families”he pointed.

At another time, he commented that if 100% capacity is allowed, the Ministry of Education (minedu) It must improve the educational infrastructure, as well as guarantee the supply of health supplies in schools and redouble the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus for minors.

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Minister of Education Rosendo Serna affirmed that all schools must have started classes by March 28
The Minister of Education, Rosendo Serna, explained before a commission of the Congress of the Republic that there are regions that will surely have difficulties in starting face-to-face classes, but that they will work on it. In addition, he did not rule out evaluating the use of masks as COVID-19 infections decline. (Source: Latin TV)


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