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College of Teachers of Peru warns that 20 thousand teachers are still not vaccinated against COVID-19

Lima, March 3, 2022Updated on 03/03/2022 08:31 am

The dean of the College of Teachers of Peru (CPPE), Heli Ocaña, reported that around 20,000 teachers nationwide have not yet received their first or second dose against the coronavirus (COVID-19) despite the fact that many schools have already started face-to-face classes and others are close to starting.

“There is a significant percentage that is vaccinated, in some regions it has reached 88%, 90%. In general we are exceeding 94%, however, there is an average of 20,000 teachers who would need to be vaccinated, this in the first and second doses”detailed in statements to RPP Noticias.

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He added that the progress in the application of the third dose to teachers reaches 60%. “In recent weeks, the incidence of vaccination has decreased, especially in students.. If at some point 30,000 to 40,000 were vaccinated a day, in recent days 8,000 to 9,000 are being vaccinated due to the resignation of the Minsa team.”

College of Teachers warns that an average of 20,000 teachers have not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19
College of Teachers warns that an average of 20,000 teachers have not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19


At another time, Ocaña was concerned about the Government’s decision to increase the capacity to 100% in closed and open spaces.

Opening the capacity to 100% by the Minister of Health (is) irresponsible. Unfortunately it will also have consequences and we have stated that it will have it in its own name. To date, the Minedu has not issued a directive within the framework of Supreme Decree 048, therefore, many directors of educational institutions are waiting for a response”he pointed.

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He assured that many specialists and parents have expressed their disagreement with this measure. “For us teachers, there is a need to better serve our students, but if the conditions of infrastructure, furniture and still the presence of the variant of the coronavirus, it requires in any case better attention, dedication “.

In addition, he indicated that many directors have stated that to date they have not received K95 masks to prevent coronavirus infections. “That means that there are no biosafety materials, if there are, it is in small quantities.”

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