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Comprehensive Health Insurance: LINK to check if I am affiliated with the SIS

As part of his campaign I have SIS What about you, the Comprehensive Health Insurance remind citizens of the steps to find out if they are affiliated.

According to entity, before the state of national emergency, which began on March 16, 2020, the population of the SIS was around 20 million affiliates. At the end of 2021, during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the insured exceeded 25 million.

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How to verify if I am affiliated?

You can find out through the mobile application “Be sure and find out” or by entering the link on its website: http://app.sis.gob.pe/SisConsultaEnLinea/Consulta/frmConsultaEnLinea.aspx

If you enter the website, you must follow the following steps:

  • You must select ID or personal data
  • Enter your data according to your selection
  • Click on consult and then on search
  • Check the information and print
Steps to find out if you are affiliated with the SIS

You can also do it via WhatsApp:

You can also send an email: sis@si.gob.pe or call the free line 113, option 4.

Join the SIS through its service channels.  Photo: SIS
Join the SIS through its service channels. Photo: SIS

What is the SIS for?

The SIS, in its capacity as Institution for the Administration of Health Insurance Funds (IAFAS)has the function of protecting the health of all residents within the Peruvian territory who do not have health insurance, prioritizing those vulnerable populations in situations of poverty and extreme poverty.

How many insurance plans does the SIS have?

Currently, the SIS has five insurance plans, these are:

  • SIS Free
  • HIS for Everyone
  • Independent HIS
  • SIS Entrepreneur SIS Microenterprises

It should be noted that they all have comprehensive coverage (PEAS and complementary plans) and are free of more than 12,000 diagnoses, including the different types of cancer, COVID-19the treatments of patients with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF)care for all the most frequent diseases, as well as rare or orphan diseases.

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What does the SIS cover?

The financing of SIS It covers the expenses required for medical care, medications, supplies, medical procedures, laboratory tests, x-rays, tomography, among others, hospitalization, emergency transfers and burial subsidy.

According to the criteria of

Trust Project

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