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Condori announced that he would replace officials who resigned from the Minsa with “representatives of different unions”

Lima, February 11, 2022Updated on 02/11/2022 03:13 pm

In the event of the irrevocable resignation of the High Level Consultative Team (ECAN) of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), the head of the sector, Hernan Condoripointed out this Friday that these officials could be replaced by professionals who make up the unions that have shown their support after their appointment.

At a press conference from the Minsa headquarters, in Jesús María, the official announced that he had made the corresponding invitation to the unions to present proposals. He assured that he will prioritize meritocracy in an eventual selection process for new officials in the Health sector.

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“In particular, I have shown the ability to work. I have enough experience. I have worked in Chanchamayo, and all that experience has evaluated and they invite me to occupy this position. Now, if there are resignations of different people who were holding positions in the Minsa, here, gentlemen, are the representatives of different unions to whom I have already invited them because they can present short lists of professionals with the capacity so that through a meritocracy they can hold positions. and can lead the destiny of our countryhe indicated.

When insisting on the resignation of the advisory team that was evaluating the possible application of the fourth dose of the vaccine against COVID-19, he replied: “If there are resignations on this issue, do you think that for these positions of experts there are only 1, 2 or 3 people for all of Peru? No sir, there are people prepared in the different unions, who will take over if there is a resignation, they will take over immediately. I have already explained to you here it is going to be done by meritocracy”, referred.

“The different unions are going to present their short list and we will be there evaluating who is the most suitable person who can lead, direct such a sector and unit. As for the vaccines, it is guaranteed. There are enough vaccineshe added.

Hernán Condori reiterated that he will not resign from the position of Minister of Health.  (Photo: GEC)
Hernán Condori reiterated that he will not resign from the position of Minister of Health. (Photo: GEC)

Vice Minister Rosell continues to work at the Minsa

At another time, Condori Machado reported that Gustavo Rosell continues to serve as Deputy Minister of Public Health of the Minsa, and who is doing work in the sector in Cajamarca. However, when asked about submitting a letter of resignation, he specified that he has not yet made a decision on the matter.

The man has years of experience in the administrative sector and everyone who is in the administrative sector knows that when a new administration enters, we make our positions available. It will depend on the head in this case my person accept or not accept, but while the doctor is working on behalf of the Minsa in the city of CajamarcaAnd if he leaves office, the work will continue. There are people prepared in Peru, there are trained people. This is going to continue”he remarked.

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Hernán Condori is sworn in as Minister of Health
Hernán Condori is sworn in as Minister of Health https://www.tvperu.gob.pe/


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