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Condori blames the previous government for alleged overvalued purchases and insists on the existence of mafias in the Minsa

Lima, March 3, 2022Updated on 03/03/2022 07:08 pm

The Minister of Health, Hernan Condoriinsisted, through a video, on his complaint about the alleged existence of mafias within their sector and that these would pretend “destabilize” its management and “sabotage democracy”.

In these only 23 days in which I have been holding this position, I have found the existence of alleged mafias of all caliber, consultancies, administrative impunity, overvalued purchases, and that would involve management by previous governments and that should deserve everyone’s rejection and that today they intend to destabilize management, sabotaging democracy”, expressed the cabinet member in his statement.

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In the video, the member of the ministerial cabinet listed a series of purchases made by the previous government during the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 and that supposedly would have been overvalued.

In this context, he pointed out the acquisitions of oxygen therapy equipment, mechanical ventilators, alcohol and multipurpose beds. However, Hernan Condori did not mention whether these complaints are the product of an investigation by an entity of the Ministry of Health during his 23 days of management or a report of the previous management. Nor did it indicate the instances or officials allegedly involved in these events.

He only stated that these complaints will be referred to the Comptroller’s Office for investigation.

‘Get vaccinated’

Hernan Condori indicated that, after two years of the case known as ‘vacunagate’, the officials involved in irregular vaccination during the clinical trial of the Sinopharm laboratory have not been sanctioned. He assured that the case could prescribe in August.

I have arranged as soon as possible to issue the resolutions with the corresponding sanctions”, said the Minister of Health.

Condori also questioned the content of the contracts signed for the acquisition of the vaccine. Synopharmsince he emphasized that a clause establishes the confidentiality of the price of each dose.

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