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Congress The Futures of Higher Education: follow the event today LIVE

The challenge of adapting new technologies to higher education, the link between universities and territories and the responsibility of guaranteeing the quality of teaching were some of the topics that were addressed yesterday on the first day of the Futures of Higher Education congress , organized by the International University of La Rioja (UNIR) and the Neumann business school.

Rafael Puyol, president of UNIR, explained that virtual teaching does not have to be alien to face-to-face teaching, but complementary. “Right now there are 32 million university students in Latin America and the horizon for the year 2040 is for there to be 60 million. Face-to-face teaching will probably continue to be the majority, but at the same time these universities will need to digitize themselves to meet the demand adequately, ”he told El Comercio.

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The mayor of Lima, Miguel Romero, was present at the event, who urged university students to apply their knowledge in the development of the city and the care of vulnerable populations. He announced that the Municipality of Lima will sign an agreement with the UNMSM to do university cooperation in settlements in Lima and the country.


Martín Benavides, former Minister of Education and former Superintendent of Sunedu, addressed the issue of university autonomy and explained that the term refers to the full exercise of academic freedom, thought and innovation. This is in line with the need to have strong and independent quality assurance systems.

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