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COVID-19: almost one million new cases were registered in January and in the third week the historical peak was reached, according to Essalud

Lima, February 8, 2022Updated on 02/08/2022 09:54 am

The Intelligence and Data Analysis Unit (UIAD) of Essalud reported that in the month of January, more than 980,000 new cases of COVID-19 were registered nationwide, a figure that exceeds the total number of infections accumulated in the first wave and great part of the cases registered during the second wave.

Dante Cersohead of the aforementioned unit, specified that in the In the third week of January, the historical peak of infections was reached in the pandemic so far, registering more than 342,000 cases, five times what was reported in the weekly peaks of the first and second waves.which had 61,000 and 67,000 weekly cases, respectively.

held that although for the fourth week of January there was a decrease in cases (from 342 thousand it went to 238 thousand infected), There are still regions where infections continue to increase, such as Ucayali (grew 27%), Amazon (+20%), Moquegua (+15%), Mother of God (+15%), Apurimac (+13%) and Tumbes (+5%).

He also pointed out that In the first month of the year, 3,477 deaths from coronavirus were reportedthat is, on each day in January 112 people died from the disease.

Also, the spokesman for Essalud mentioned that, during the last week at the national level, in all health subsystems, there has been on average six thousand patients in hospital beds daily, while another thousand three hundred people fight for their lives in an ICU bed.

Dante Cersso highlighted the importance of having the complete schedule of the vaccine against COVID-19, including the application of the booster dose (especially patients with comorbidities) to be more protected against this virus and thus reduce the probability of reach an ICU bed.

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