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COVID-19: Deputy Minister of Health announces reduction of curfew and improvement of capacity

Lima, January 16, 2022Updated on 01/16/2022 10:44 pm

The Vice Minister of Public Health, Gustavo Rosell, announced that the Ministry of Health (minsa) decided to reduce the schedule of the curfewimprove capacity and allow fans to enter stadiums in provinces with high health risk due to the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19such as Lima and Callao.

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In dialogue with the Latina program, the official pointed out that the beginning of the curfew It will no longer be at 11 at night, as it is currently, since it is sought “adapt some measures to social behavior”.

Now, as the majority (of provinces) is on high, and there is also the new Ómicron variant, then changing the measures has been evaluated, and in fact they are going to be changed, yesterday (Saturday) there was a virtual Council of Ministers, so the ministers they have evaluated and there is a modification that will surely be published tomorrow (Monday)Rosell said.


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We have proposed reducing curfew hours, improving capacity a little. It would no longer be from 11 pm (the curfew) with these new modifications, especially for the high. If we enter too high, we must be careful”, he added.

In addition, he remarked that the Minsa also proposed allowing fans to enter the stadiumsbut that in this context, of the third wave of COVID-19, the third dose would be established as a requirement for people who attend sports venues.

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We have always mentioned 30% and we asked for a second dose when we were at a moderate (level of health risk), it is moving on to a third dose and it is opening up, probably, for high as well”, he expressed.

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