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COVID-19: Essalud will take up to a thousand free discard tests from this weekend on the beaches of Lima and Callao

Lima, February 19, 2022Updated on 02/19/2022 04:00 pm

The Social Security of Health (Essalud) announced that every weekend more than 1,000 tests will be taken to rule out COVID-19 on the beaches of Lima and Callao. The initiative begins this Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th after the installation of itinerant points to access the diagnostic exam.

through the Flexible Offer Management (GOF), the Social Health Insurance, explained that this initiative is being developed within the framework of the EsSalud without waves’ campaign, which seeks to identify early the cases of COVID-19 in the capital and the Constitutional Province.

The Essalud spokeswoman, Dr. Evelyn Campos, indicated that this initiative aims to promote a healthy summer by identifying positive coronavirus cases through the antigen tests and thus reduce the transmission of the virus among vacationers who flock to the spas.

On which beaches will COVID-19 discard tests be carried out?

This activity has already started today, Saturday, February 19, at the Redondo (Miraflores) and La Punta (Callao) beaches, where in each place the first 250 people who present symptoms of COVID-19 will be treated. The activity will continue on Sunday 20 with the same amounts of tests.

The opening hours for both places will be from 10:00 am. “This weekend we will start in Miraflores and Callao. The following week we will visit other points until we reach the beaches of the north and small south of the capital. The purpose is also to inform people about what to do if it is positive and to urge them to comply with biosafety measures,” said the representative of the institution.

The Doctor Evelyn Campos emphasized that in total every weekend, between Saturday and Sunday, more than a thousand tests will be taken and that the People who test positive will be monitored by telemedicine through the Directorate of Special Programs. If the patient’s case becomes complicated, he will be referred to the Villa Panamericana or Villa Rebagliati.

“On Sunday night, we will make a total count of how many infected people we detect. We will monitor them and also the people with whom they live. The care will be free for insured and uninsured, ”he explained.

He added that in the pDetection points will be attended by doctors, medical technologists, nurses and nursing technicians. There will also be an ambulance to deal with any type of emergency.

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