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COVID-19: “For now it is not planned to declare vaccination as mandatory in our country,” says the Minister of Health

Lima, December 24, 2021Updated on 12/24/2021 01:19 pm

After Ecuador became the first country in Latin America to declare vaccination against the coronavirus mandatory, the Minister of Health, Hernando CevallosHe pointed out that this measure has not yet been proposed in Peru. However, he pointed out that measures will be taken in case the epidemiological panorama of the country worsens.

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“We are going to see how the vaccination process goes. We are very close to 80%. If the population responds, if we exceed that 80% our chances of preventing the virus from circulating will be greater. We can maintain a certain elasticity. Of course, If the situation worsens from an epidemiological health point of view, other measures will have to be taken. For now, it is not proposed to declare vaccination as mandatory in our country, indicated in an interview with Canal N.

Cevallos reiterated that the possibility of applying a fourth dose of vaccine. As it is recalled, the official had mentioned that the antigen would initially be directed to personnel working on the front line and to adults over 60 years of age.


C8 Minister Cevallos Statements
The Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos, pointed out that at the moment the obligation of the vaccine against COVID-19 has not been considered, in reference to the fact that Ecuador is one of the first countries in Latin America to carry out this measure.

He explained that if the logic is followed that the effectiveness of vaccines decreases every three or four months, it will be necessary to think about the anticipation of a new booster in the future. Likewise, the head of the Ministry of Health affirmed that there is Sufficient stock of COVID-19 vaccine doses for minors between 11 and 5 years old; In addition, the arrival of 55 million vaccines is planned for 2022 (35 million from Pfizer and 20 from Moderna).

“We’ll see [si se requiere cuarta dosis] because for that you need to know what the immune response of each person is […] It depends on how the country is doing epidemiologically. We will see that in three or four months that we propose a fourth dose because the main objective is to protect all our people “, added.

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Finally, he said he hopes that before the end of 2021, 80% of the target population in Peru will be protected with two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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