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COVID-19 in Lima and Callao: are social gatherings, bars and nightclubs allowed this weekend?


A new weekend without a curfew in the country since March 2020, but people living in Metropolitan Lima and Callao They will have to comply with the restrictions arranged by the Government for this Saturday, February 12 and Sunday, February 13, within the framework of the state of health emergency by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The capital and the Constitutional Province remain at a high health alert level due to the increase in cases of COVID-19 in the context of third wave of the pandemic in the country, which is why you must take into consideration the following provisions.

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Are private cars allowed?

Lima and Callao They are not restricted in the use of private cars on Sundays, despite appearing in the high health alert level. This means that on Sunday, February 13, cars will be allowed to leave.

Can you go to bars and clubs?

Once the end of curfew in the country, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) clarified that this does not mean that the social gatherings, parties or events that involve agglomeration of people, all of which remain prohibited.

[Las discotecas y bares] they can work, but social gatherings, crowds of people are prohibited. It is not that the curfew ends so that there are parties. No way. The supreme decree is a decree that marks a series of norms and restrictions that are not modified”, specified the former Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos in statements to Canal N.

Along these lines, he clarified that the discos can only work as long as the permitted capacity is respected, and that people maintain the regulated social distance, wear a double mask and prove the booster dose against the coronavirus for those over 40 years old.

He also explained that the curfew so that citizens can return home with peace of mind, without a greater level of restriction.

COVID-19: curfew remains in force in Lima and Callao until the Minsa announcement is made official

interprovincial transport

The interprovincial ground transportation continues to function freely Lima and Callao with a capacity of 100%, as indicated by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC).

Drivers, passengers and crew must wear a double mask (a surgical mask with three folds underneath and another cloth one on top) or a KN95 mask both in the land terminals and inside the buses. Additionally, the use of a face shield is recommended.

In addition, from December 10, 2021, the vaccination card complete against the coronavirus to those over 18 years of age to be able to travel by land and air nationwide. Meanwhile, since last January 27, citizens over 40 years of age must present this document to verify the application of the third dose.

Access to enclosed spaces

As of January 27, as announced by the Minsa, the people over 40 They must prove that they have received the third booster dose to access closed spaces.

The vaccination dose may have been received in Peru or abroad. In the event that they are not available, passengers can present a molecular test with a negative result dated no more than 48 hours before boarding.

Capacity at high alert level

Activities in closed spaces:

  • Shopping malls, shopping malls, department stores, general stores and conglomerates: 60%
  • Supply stores of basic necessities, supermarkets, markets, warehouses and pharmacies: 60%
  • Restaurants and similar, whose customer service area (lounge, bar and waiting room) total less than 200 square meters in internal areas: 60%
  • Restaurants and similar, whose customer service area (lounge, bar and waiting room) total equal to or more than 200 square meters in internal areas: 80%
  • Casinos and slots: 40%
  • Cinemas and performing arts: 60%
  • Banks and other financial entities: 60%
  • Temples and places of worship: 60%
  • Libraries, museums, cultural centers and art galleries: 80%
  • Activities of sports clubs and associations (contact sports): 60%
  • Activities of sports clubs and associations (non-contact sports): 60%
  • Business and professional events: 60%
  • Hairdressing and Barber: 60%
  • Spa, Turkish baths, sauna, thermal baths: 40%
  • Colosseums:60%
  • Gyms: 60%

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Activities in open spaces: (respecting capacity and protocols, prior authorization from local governments within the framework of their powers):

  • performing arts
  • culture teaching
  • Restaurants and similar in outdoor areas
  • Protected natural areas, botanical gardens, monuments or archaeological areas, open-air museums and zoos
  • Outdoor hot spring baths
  • Activities of outdoor sports clubs and associations
  • Outdoor business and professional events
  • traveling markets
  • Sports stadiums (complete vaccination schedule plus booster dose): 50%
The capacity in the provinces, including Lima and Callao, with a moderate health level alert due to COVID-19 until February 13. (CPM)

According to the criteria of

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The Ministry of Health reported at a press conference that there would be a slowdown in the number of infections by COVID-19, the head of the sector, Hernando Cevallos, urged citizens to continue with care. (Source: TV Peru)




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