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COVID-19 in Peru: “We are already in the descent phase of the third wave”, confirms CDC director

Lima, February 7, 2022Updated on 02/07/2022 12:40 pm

The Executive Director of Public Health Surveillance of the National Center for Epidemiology, Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), César Munayco, reported that we are already in the descent phase of the third wave of coronavirus (COVID-19) nationwide.

“Yes, we are already descending (in the third wave). As you have seen in the graph we are descending. The descent is always much slower than the ascent.confirmed during a presentation of the situation of COVID-19 in Peru on the CDC’s social networks.

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Likewise, he indicated that we reached the peak of coronavirus cases in week two and there is already a decrease in the number of infected people per week.. “There has already been a decline in the number of cases. (…) We are observing the same at the national level in terms of mortality. In week four there has been a peak and then there has been a decline. I hope this continues, but in mortality there are differences because there are some regions that still have high figures and there are others that are reducing the number of deaths.

Munayco on cases of COVID-19 in Peru
Munayco on cases of COVID-19 in Peru

“In what are hospitalizations at the national level there is already a reduction, the peak was reached in week three. (…) At the national level we have a bed occupancy of 75% and at the level of general hospitalization bed occupancy we have 37%”he added.

Along these lines, he highlighted that the application of second and third doses against COVID-19 “has allowed the impact of this third wave -in terms of severe disease and mortality- to have been much less. “We are already in a phase of decline at the regional level, except Tumbes”, pointed out.


On the other hand, César Munayco commented that at the Metropolitan Lima level, the districts of Lima Cercado, Santiago de Surco, Jesús María, San Juan de Lurigancho, Magdalena del Mar and Miraflores have had a higher number of COVID-19 cases in recent weeks, however, they are already declining.

“In Metropolitan Lima we have had two weeks with high numbers and it is already starting to go down,” assured.

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