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COVID-19: know everything about this disease, vaccines, treatment and myths

Lima, December 18, 2021Updated on 12/18/2021 01:49 pm

Despite the great advance in vaccination against the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Peru, there are still people who refuse to be inoculated due to myths about vaccines. For this reason, the Government launched the campaign “Vaccinated and vaccinated together”, with which it seeks to question those citizens who, for different reasons, have not yet received any or only one dose.

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Therefore, we present you the myths and truths that you should take into consideration if you have not yet been vaccinated:

MYTH 1: “The COVID-19 vaccine can infect me with the disease”

  • FAKE! because the vaccine, in itself, provokes an immune response in the organism, preventing serious forms of the disease. Therefore, it is very important to get vaccinated.

MYTH 2: “It is enough with a healthy immune system and the power of the mind not to get infected with COVID-19”

  • FAKE! because COVID-19 is a disease that is spread through droplets, watery particles or aerosols expelled by infected individuals when talking, coughing, sneezing and breathing. Therefore, it is very important to follow the health recommendations and get vaccinated.


Vaccination card: discover the new Minsa app
The Minsa launched an application that will verify the authenticity of the vaccination cards against COVID-19. It is a digital tool that will help to verify the data of the vaccinated people and if the information is real.

MYTH 3: “COVID-19 is not a serious disease and it may not exist”

MYTH 4: “I can’t get reinfected with COVID-19 because I already had the disease and I got over it”

  • FAKE! because scientists have not ruled out the possibility of reinfection with COVID-19 in a patient who overcame the disease. Therefore, it is very important to continue with health prevention measures and get vaccinated.

MYTH 5: “I don’t get vaccinated because COVID-19 can be treated with traditional medicine”

  • FAKE! because the 80% of those infected with COVID-19 recover without special treatment. However, 1 in 6 people develop serious disorders with breathing difficulties and in some cases die. It can be prevented by getting vaccinated.

MYTH 6: “Without the vaccination card I will not be able to enter shopping centers or markets”

  • TRUE! Because the measure that establishes that those over 18 years of age present the physical or virtual vaccination card has already been made official, to enter the premises where economic and worship activities are carried out in closed spaces.

MYTH 7: “I can enter shopping malls with my vaccination card from abroad”

  • TRUE! because it is a document that certifies that you have completed your COVID-19 vaccination abroad. Remember that it is important to keep this document and present it when entering the premises where economic and worship activities are carried out in closed spaces.

MYTH 8: “If I already had COVID-19, I no longer need to be vaccinated”

  • FAKE! Protection from COVID-19 after an infection may be short-lived. For that reason, you will need to get vaccinated, whether or not you have had the disease.

MYTH 9: “Vaccines are more dangerous than COVID-19”

  • FAKE! It is not dangerous, in some cases after it is applied generates symptom such as pain at the application site and inflammation, general malaise and a mild headache. These disappear within 48 to 72 hours after receiving the vaccine. In case you have other discomforts, go to the nearest health facility to be evaluated.

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MYTH 10: “Vaccines have been developed in a very short time, that’s why they are not effective”

  • FAKE! Vaccines go through three phases of research and, this exceptional situation, has made it necessary to accelerate stages, without ceasing to be rigorous. Therefore, it is possible to develop a vaccine against this coronavirus in a much shorter time than usual.

MYTH 11: “The effectiveness of vaccines in Peru is very low”

  • FAKE! The effectiveness of the vaccines purchased by our Government, exceed the minimum recommendation considered by the World Health Organization (WHO), that is, how minimum 50% and preferably not less than 70%.

MYTH 12: “If I get vaccinated, I will no longer have to wear a mask”

  • FAKE! Not everyone will be protected at the same time. For this reason, even when you receive both doses, you must follow the care recommendations to avoid transmitting the virus to unvaccinated people. Therefore, it is exhorted to continue with the use of a double mask, and a face shield.

For more information, you can enter the following link: https://vacunadosunidos.gob.pe


Since December 10, the presentation of the vaccination card is required to enter closed spaces such as shopping centers, galleries, among others. According to the Ministry of Health (Minsa), This measure does not apply to warehouses, hospitals or pharmacies.

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Also, companies can only operate in person, only if all your workers certify their complete vaccination against coronavirus.

Similarly, drivers and collectors of all public transport services, as well as the Drivers who provide delivery services can work only if they credit their full dose vaccination.

According to the criteria of

Trust Project

Know more


Steps to download your virtual vaccination card against COVID-19
From this Friday, December 10, the complete covid-19 vaccination card will be required in public and closed places. See here the steps you must follow in order to obtain it. (Source: Latina TV)


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