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COVID-19: law is approved so that more children who lost their parents due to the pandemic receive a pension of S / 200

The bill to promote the protection and comprehensive development of orphaned children and adolescents was approved on January 13 in the Congress of the Republic. It is estimated that this law will benefit 83,664 thousand minors who are orphaned due to the death of their mother, father or both, due to the COVID-19, through an economic assistance of S/200 soles delivered bimonthly.

This proposal responds to an initiative of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP) presented by the Executive, as part of a package of seven bills presented last November 10 in Parliament.

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The national representation supported this initiative by 115 votes in favor, zero against and zero abstentions. Later, by 113 votes, he was exonerated from the second vote.

The ruling, previously approved by the Women’s Commission, establishes that The children and adolescents who are orphaned due to the death of their mother, father or both will be beneficiaries of the assistance..

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Too if the death of their legal guardian occurred, as well as those who come from or are welcomed in homes that are in a situation of poverty or extreme poverty.

In addition to the monetary pension, this law will allow psychological and educational support, as well as the creation of the RSingle Registry of Orphaned Children and Adolescents, which will make it possible to open up and update the information on orphaned minors.

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In this regard, the women’s minister, Anahi Durand, welcomed the approval of the bill and highlighted the work articulated with Congress. “We are happy with the approval in Congress of bill 680 accumulated together with the other projects of the Women’s Commission and the Children’s Subcommittee, to be able to expand the orphan’s pension and the support that must be provided to children who they lost their parents for the covid and other causes” he stated.

After the approval of the law for orphanhood, It is up to the Executive to promulgate it, and then proceed to its regulation, within a period of 30 days..

About the orphan’s pension

Financial assistance will be granted by the MIMP through the National Comprehensive Program for Family Welfare (Inabif). The latter will also be the competent entity to evaluate, process and monitor in order to ensure compliance with its purposes.

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Currently, the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP), through INABIF, provides a economic assistance of S/ 200 every two months to around 18,000 children and adolescents in an orphaned situation due to COVID-19, which allows their family caregivers to have additional resources for their support and well-being, until they reach the age of majority.

According to the criteria of

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