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COVID-19: Minsa reports that 10,000 deaths in recent months did not have any doses

Lima, December 13, 2021Updated on 12/13/2021 03:20 pm

Because there are still people who resist being vaccinated against the coronavirus at the national level, the Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos, reported that in recent months a total of 10,000 non-immunized citizens died from COVID-19.

In recent months we have had 23,309 hospitalized for COVID-19, of this total, 21,315 are patients who did not receive any vaccine, 726 received the first dose and 1,200 the second dose “, detailed the head of the Minsa in statements to RPP Noticias.

Along these lines, he detailed that of the total 2,900 people came to enter the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), of which 2,500 were not vaccinated against COVID-19, while 142 had a dose and 250 had completed their immunization.

Minsa: 10 million deaths from COVID-19 in recent months did not have any dose
Minsa: 10 million deaths from COVID-19 in recent months did not have any dose

He also added that of the 11 thousand deaths from COVID-19, a total of 10 thousand did not have any dose. “Only 264 were those with two doses. And of this total, they were people, 80%, older than 60 years and with comorbidities “, he asserted.

Given the figures that show that vaccination against COVID-19 reduces the risk of mortality, the head of the Minsa invited citizens to complete their immunization. More now that it is a requirement that those over 18 years of age certify having their two doses to enter closed spaces by presenting their vaccination card.

It is absolutely clear that not getting vaccinated generates a high probability, in case of being infected, of going to ICU or dying. The difference is truly abysmal. That is why we continue to insist, although there are sectors that resist. Because, in addition, the person who is not vaccinated is between 3 to 4 times more likely to infect other people who are vaccinated or not “, he pointed out.

To date, a total of 201,770 have died from the coronavirus in Peru. While the total number of infected people reaches 2’254.373. Meanwhile, 20’058.345 of Peruvians already have their doses.

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