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COVID-19: more than 24 million 415 thousand Peruvians have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus


Lima, December 25, 2021Updated on 12/25/2021 07:36 am

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported that until this Saturday, December 25, the number of people vaccinated against the COVID-19 with at least one dose it amounts to 24,415,912. Meanwhile, the total of citizens immunized with two doses is 21’303,083, until 7 am today.

So far, Peru has received more than 25 million vaccines from Sinopharm, more than 31 million Pfizer and more than 4 million AstraZeneca. All these are applied according to the programming by age groups established by the Government after vaccinating with priority health personnel, older adults and members of the National Police, Armed Forces and Firefighters.

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Both the Sinopharm, Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines should be applied in two doses to protect a person against him COVID-19.

The vaccination process in Peru began on Tuesday, February 9, in the main health centers in Lima and Callao. A digital tool implemented by the Minsa allows access to information on the progress of vaccination. You just have to click HERE to check the number of people vaccinated with both doses or with only one.

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The Health Minister announced a new curfew schedule for the end of the year holidays and the advancement of the third dose of the vaccine.

New vaccination plan

The Government established that on April 16 a new vaccination plan against COVID-19 begins, with the aim of immunizing the elderly first.

To do this, the Executive implemented the Pongo el Hombro platform, so that people can know the place, the date and the time when they will be vaccinated against the coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Currently, the population from 12 years of age and older is being vaccinated in Lima, Callao and some regions of the country.

Seniors who cannot travel to their immunization centers have the option of calling Line 113, so that a brigade can come to their home and apply the doses.

According to the criteria of

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Other countries are already applying a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Will Peru be one of them? Here we explain how this measure is taking place in other countries and how possible it is that it will be carried out in our country.



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