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COVID-19: Peru is in the transition stage from pandemic to endemic, according to the CDC

The executive director of Public Health surveillance of the National Center for Epidemiology, Prevention and Disease Control (CDC) of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), César Munayco, reported that Peru is in the transition stage of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) to endemic.

“We are already in the transition stage.what we expect now is that, if there is a fourth wave, that this wave will basically be like the third wave, with cases, but with very few severe cases. When one enters the endemic phase, what one is going to present is a smaller magnitude in the number of cases. The idea is that in the following years we will enter the next phase”, detailed in dialogue with RPP Noticias.

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He added that this year and the next will be decisive to see what happens regarding the coronavirus pandemic. “We have already had a third wave with a virus that generates many cases, but few deaths and severe cases, if this continues, and the level of cases continues to decrease, it is most likely that in the coming years, I think that this year, the following year we should enter the endemic phase”

COVID-19: Peru entered the transition stage from pandemic to endemic, says the CDC


Asked about how the endemic phase could be accelerated, Munayco assured that there are several ways, one of them is to advance with the vaccination against the coronavirus. “In our country, fortunately, we have good coverage of the second dose, but we are still with the third dose that we have to reach 70%, we still have not reached this figure”.

“The other important point is that at the global level that level must also be reached. Globally we are at 56% complete coverage, two doses. There are still countries like Africa and Asia (sic) that do not have very good coverage, we have to advance as a planet in vaccination coverage”, he added.

Likewise, he specified that another point to enter an endemic is to continue reducing the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. “The vaccine helps reduce transmission, but also preventive measures such as responsible behavior of the population, the use of masks, distancing help to avoid cases.”

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Regarding the possibility of experiencing a new pandemic worldwide, the executive director of Public Health surveillance commented that the Minsa, through the CDC, is working on a response preparation plan.

“During these three waves that we have had, the health system has been strengthening. Now we have a greater capacity for ICU beds, also for hospitalization, but we are still lacking. The Minsa, through the CDC, is already working on the response preparation plan for the next pandemic. We must remember that this is not going to be the first nor the last pandemic, so we have to move forward to have better preparation and there the plan is cable, which requires financing and requires that it be executed in all regions. We are working based on what has been learned in this pandemic to have a plan that can generate better conditions for us to face a pandemic,” pointed out.

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