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COVID-19: self-test price will cost between S / 20 and S / 45

After the Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported that the self-tests COVID-19 are authorized to be marketed in pharmacies and drugstores nationwide, and given the increase in cases of coronavirus in the country, the National Association of Apothecary Chains (Anacab) pointed out that the price of this test will oscillate on average between S / 20 ys / 45.

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The union, through a statement, clarified that this price it will depend on the costs of the manufacturer and the brand. “Pharmacies and drugstores do not import directly, it depends on existing local availability, that is why the origin of the tests will be subject to the manufacturing laboratories”, he pointed.

This Monday, Minister of Health (Minsa), Hernando Cevallos, stated that COVID-19 self-test They are authorized to be marketed in pharmacies and pharmacies throughout the country.


The omicron variant of COVID-19 is rapidly expanding throughout the world and Peru is no exception, studies suggest that it is the most contagious to date.

In our country they are already sold in pharmacies Mifarma and Inkafarma the product Nasal Test SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Self, from the Roche laboratory, at S / 215 (the box includes five discard tests).

Sources of the General Directorate of Medicines, Supplies and Drugs (Digemid) informed this newspaper that said test was authorized last November, as was the self-test COVID-19 Panbio from the firm Abbot.

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Carla Sifuentes, director of Anacab, pointed out that, like independent pharmacies, they are making every effort to stock up and thus guarantee that the COVID-19 self-test are available to the population. However, he explained, this will depend on the inventories that manufacturers have in the country.

For this reason, he urged Digemid to grant authorization to more laboratories and manufacturers to import this product, due to the great demand that exists at the moment. “In this way, the population will have more options to choose from, shortages would be avoided and a more competitive market will be generated”he added.

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Anacab explained that there are 15,000 drugstores and pharmacies, of which 2,400 are local that belong to this union. He also remarked that The tests are not being carried out at the pharmacy premises, the authorization is so that patients can purchase the product and perform the test from home.

He mentioned that, although the use of the tests is relatively simple, as it is a technical issue, he recommended that health experts guide the population on the appropriate way to use the test. COVID-19 self-test.

Price of the self-test will “help the pocket” of consumers

Ángela Flores, executive director of the National Association of Pharmaceutical Laboratories (Alafarpe), assured that the price of the COVID-19 self-tests in the country will respond to the “pocket of consumers”, and hopes it will be used as an epidemiological surveillance tool for the Health sector.

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“Although at Alafarpe we do not manage the portfolio of prices and medicines, we as a union do have clarity that these types of measures represent a lower cost than other laboratory tests. So, it is a measure that is going to help the consumer anyway, the consumers’ pocket because it is a lower cost strategy for the reach of the people “, he said in dialogue with Exitosa.

Flores explained that the import of these tests will increase in the coming days, after the announcement of the Ministry of Health (Minsa). “We are waiting for the specific regulation of medical devices, which will allow to open that door to greater imports and with this, an offer that expands and clearly the direct consequence of lower costs for consumers. It has already been prepublished [ese reglamento], we hope it will be announced in order to have clear rules for all agents in this sector to comply with safe standards “added.

They will take COVID-19 tests only to people with symptoms

The Minsa announced that to date COVID-19 discard tests will be taken from people who present symptoms such as cough, fever, body pain, among others. Likewise, molecular tests will be carried out on people who have had contact with coronavirus-positive patients who are older than 60 years and have comorbidities.

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In addition, it indicated that people infected with coronavirus (COVID-19) but who do not present symptoms will receive care through the telehealth system.

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