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COVID-19: what do the lungs of an inoculated infected person and that of a vaccinated person look like?

Lima, February 7, 2022Updated on 02/07/2022 09:31 pm

The third wave of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected, in a large majority, people who had not been vaccinated or who had comorbidities, leading them to be admitted to hospital intensive care units (ICU).

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A report by Fourth Estate showed the difference that the vaccine makes in the ICU of the Hospital Emergency Ate Vitarte, in the context of the third wave. On the one hand, people with their full doses face the contagion with a mild affectation and with treatment at home.

In the case of the unvaccinated, CT scans and X-rays show the progress of the disease. In the journalistic report it was indicated that doctors recognize the coronavirus, because it creates an effect they call frosted glass opacitya kind of lumpy veil that makes the lungs sick and does so in a matter of days.

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The journalistic report described the case of three brothers who arrived at the aforementioned hospital at the beginning of the year with symptoms of COVID-19. Two of them, duly vaccinated, were discharged and treated at home because they only developed mild symptoms, however, the third of them, 42 years old, was not vaccinated and the virus affected 30% of his lungswhich prevented him from breathing and caused him intense back pain.

In addition, it was noted that 70% of the patients who were hospitalized in the ICU of the Hospital Emergency Ate Vitarte he was not vaccinated.

Fourth Power: Report 'Lungs without a vaccine'

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