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COVID-19: what you should know about the free discard tests carried out in health facilities

After confirming the start of the third wave of the coronavirus and the increase in cases of the new omicron variant, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) recalled which are the test points for discarding COVID-19 free nationwide.

However, in recent days dozens of people have denounced that there is not enough stock for the coronavirus to be discarded. Even the citizens have reported that they only serve 20 or 30 people per day in some COVID-19 spots and that there are signs where it is detailed that Only one person per family will be tested.

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In this regard, Minsa sources indicated that “there is no limit number of people who are tested” daily, Y that do not have information from signs stating that one person per family will be tested for COVID-19. In addition, they clarified that “There is no rule that protects it.”

Statement on COVID-19 discard tests in Jesús María, in the 17th block of Arnaldo Márquez. Photo: Diffusion / GEC
Statement on COVID-19 discard tests in Jesús María, in the 17th block of Arnaldo Márquez.  Photo: Diffusion / GEC
Statement on COVID-19 discard tests in Jesús María, in the 17th block of Arnaldo Márquez. Photo: Diffusion / GEC

Let us remember that earlier, the head of the National Institute of Health (INS), Víctor Suárez, stated that the country has “sufficient stock” to meet the demand people who need to take the free COVID-19 rule-out test. Along these lines, he reported that Peru it has more than 1 million molecular tests and about 8 million antigens.

He also announced that points will be implemented in the coronavirus vaccination centers where people can rule out if they have COVID-19 for free.

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Regarding the high demand of people in free COVID-19 disposal points, Suárez said that this is due to “Beginning of the third wave and for the holidays (Christmas and New Year), since many people fear being infected.”

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If you have symptoms of coronavirus or you think you have contracted it, and you need to rule out or confirm your suspicions, you can do it for free at any of the COVID Points that the Minsa has implemented in health facilities nationwide.

It is worth mentioning that, the head of the INS detailed to RPP Noticias that in order to take molecular tests, they were indicating that people go through a medical consultation.What we are providing now is that any health personnel can indicate the molecular test if the patient feels that he is a contact or a suspect. If you have respiratory ailments that require a medical consultation, you will still be able to go through a medical consultation, but it will not be essential so that we can attend a greater number of people per health establishment “, assured.


On the other hand, some citizens commented that the free tests of the Minsa are not valid for certificates of work or travel. Regarding this, sources from the Health sector detailed that the entity “It does not grant a certificate for conducting tests.”

It is important to remember that, if you were tested for COVID-19, you can know the results in the service that the INS has prepared.

  • “People who underwent serological (rapid) tests in private establishments should request their results from the same establishment that performed the test.”
  • Clinics, DIRIS, and other health establishments have access to NetLab2 and are responsible for providing the results to their patients, informs the INS.

CHECK YOUR RESULTS HERE: https://resultadoscoronavirus.ins.gob.pe/

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