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COVID-19: which beaches and area parks will have free discard tests this March 5 and 6?

Lima, March 4, 2022Updated on 03/04/2022 01:01 pm

The Social Health Insurance (Essalud) reported that this weekend up to 2,000 tests will be taken to rule out COVID-19 in beaches and zonal parks of Lima. The initiative will take place this Saturday, March 5 and Sunday, March 6 after the installation of itinerant points to access the diagnostic exam.

The ‘EsSalud sin waves’ campaign aims to identify early the cases of COVID-19 and thus reduce the transmission of the virus among vacationers and attendees to places of greater affluence.

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What area beaches and parks will be tested at?

attention in beaches and zonal parks will be given from 10:00 am and two thousand detection tests against the coronavirus distributed thousand for the saturday 5 and a thousand for him sunday 6 free of charge for both insured and uninsured who present symptoms.

Here are the points:

  • La Punta Beach (Callao).
  • Redondo Beach I and II (Miraflores).
  • Huayna Capac (San Juan de Miraflores)
  • Capac Yupanqui (Rimac).

Dr. Alfredo Casella, general coordinator of the Program for the Detection of COVID-19 of Essalud, reported that this activity is aimed at all people who present symptoms of coronavirus and wish to be tested.

At people who are positive, they will be offered hospitalization, follow-up and free treatment at the facilities of the Villa Panamericana. If the person prefers to perform home isolation, they will enter the telemonitoring bag of the Flexible Offer Management, receiving constant medical assessment.

It is necessary to specify that the detection points will have the presence of doctors, medical technologists, nurses and nursing technicians, as well as an ambulance to deal with any type of emergency.

This initiative began on February 19 on the Redondo and La Punta beaches, then continued in Agua Dulce and Los Yuyos. It was also held in the zone parks of Manco Cápac and Cahuide. All patients who tested positive have been monitored by EsSalud professionals.

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