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COVID-19: woman applies the third dose in memory of her deceased father and friends

Lima, December 24, 2021Updated on 12/24/2021 01:47 pm

Since this morning, the Campo de Marte vaccination center, located in Jesús María, attended to people who arrived to apply the first, second and third doses against the COVID-19. One of the cases was that of Teodolinda Arias, a woman who came to this point to receive her reinforcement against the coronavirus.

In statements to Exitosa, the citizen reported that she suffered the loss of her relatives and acquaintances due to this disease, and that, for that reason, she decided to be immunized.

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My daddy died and [algunos] friends, my brothers were miraculously saved. Glory to God. [¿Usted está aquí en memoria a ellos, quienes tal vez no pudieron recibir la vacuna?] Yes, I’m on my third dose. We have to continue taking care of ourselves, but there are people who do not understand and do not have the first or second dose. I don’t know what they will think, he detailed.

Arias also said that many of his contacts have chosen not to get vaccinated. She commented that she continues to recommend the importance of immunization. “Well, I advise them, I talk to them, but they don’t understand. You have to see how far those people who don’t understand go “, he indicated.


Successful Jesus Maria Vaccination
Teodolinda Arias is a woman who came to this point to receive her reinforcement against the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, an adult older than 72 years who was also waiting in line called on people to comply with biosecurity measures during the end of the year celebrations.

As it is recalled, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported that the vaccination brigades of the Diris de Lima Metropolitana, Diresa Callao, Essalud and Sisol Salud will serve citizens today, Friday, December 24 from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm in all vaccination centers.

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According to the authorities, the goal by the end of the year is to reach 80% of the target population vaccinated with two doses.

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