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Cristiano’s reaction when his son told him that Bale is faster

Updated on 05/27/2016 11:54 am

Away from the professional stage of Cristiano Ronaldowho by far can be considered one of the best footballers of the time and history, there is a role that many of us may be unaware of, but that after all is the most natural thing in the world: CR7 is the father of a 5-year-old boy.

The striker is a single father and has tried to give his son the best, which is not based on material things, but on the best possible education and the affection of Mrs. María Dolores dos Santos, mother of the star of the real Madrid. It is well known that his heir always comes up with some quip or nonsense typical of a child his age, this time it made more than one laugh out of anyone since the subject in question was his speed.

During an interview for the Spanish journalist Josep Pedrerol, Cristiano Ronaldo He said that once his son came home from school and told him that the Welsh player, Gareth Bale, was faster than him. The striker, sure of his talent, responded as follows: “What are you saying! No one is faster than your dad.”

Did the son of ‘CR7’ notice this in the matches he watches closely? No. His classmates convinced him of such an idea. Cristiano Ronaldo Junior is just a boy who is about to turn 6 on June 7, any statement he makes will always be taken by his father with great grace.

The journalist took the opportunity to place Cristiano Ronaldo in a difficult position, he asked him what would happen if one day his son confesses to him that he is a fan of Barcelona, ​​his greatest rival. “Impossible, he has the father’s genes. But if it could happen, I would accept. What am I going to do? I’m not going to hit him either, he’s my son,” were the merengue player’s final words.

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