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Danjuma joins the ‘Benzema method’: the shocking image of the Dutchman’s back

While it is true, Arnaut danjuma He is one of the most outstanding footballers of the Villarreal, so Unai Emery hopes to have his presence in the duel they will have before Atalanta by Champions League. However, the Dutchman will not arrive in his best physical condition, since in recent weeks he has had certain complications to the point of playing only one game as a starter in the last four matches for LaLiga. In the first instance, the medical part spoke of ‘muscular discomfort’, but these are being extended in time and the forward has decided to try an alternative treatment.

The ram underwent cupping as it is known worldwide. This healing method consists of the application of several suction cups on the body that attracts the blood to accumulate it in containers that favor the circulation of the body, through some energy channels. This improvement, in theory, seeks that the muscular discomfort disappears in a faster way.

Of course, the treatment is alternative but in the world of football it is nothing new since it has been tried on previous occasions. One of the best known to use it has been Karim Benzema, who on more than one occasion has uploaded the treatment to his social networks. Michael Phelps is also another of those who has publicly acknowledged that he uses this healing method.

They risk their lives in Italy

Villarreal face the first grand finale of the season, as they play their way to the next phase of the Champions League in just one game in Bergamo. Those of Emery will seek to secure almost 50 million euros, which would make the team close the economic chapter in this course. In addition, it would be added to pass the phase in the Champions League, which sportingly would already mean playing a great role.

But the great news for the ‘Submarino’ is that they will be able to count on their two most important players, since they will recover Danjuma and Gerard Moreno. In the case of the former, he will return to the team after being out in the last games due to ankle problems. The DT decided not to force the winger, as he hopes to have him in optimal condition for this decisive match.

In Moreno’s case, the striker played half an hour in the Cup and a half in Seville, in order to be fit for this match. It should be noted that the pair formed by both players was one of the club’s great bets, but injuries prevented them from being able to count on them this season.

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