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Did you notice it? Santa Rosa de Lima had an appearance in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

Updated on 12/22/2021 08:21 pm

The latest premiere of Marvel, Spider-man: No Way Home, was undoubtedly the most anticipated film of the year and is classified as the best of this 2021 that is leaving, having a deep and exciting story with a first-rate cast.

It has broken many marks in its first week in theaters and apart from being the return of several characters, it has a curious appearance with a Peruvian signature, what is it about?

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It is that in one scene of the film there is, neither more nor less, a painting of Santa Rosa de Lima on the wall of Ned’s aunt’s house. How is it possible? Be careful that from this line there will be spoilers for the movie.


In one of the most shocking scenes of the film, in Ned’s house, you can see the arrival of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, and it is in this where you can see the painting of the saint from Lima.

Ned’s aunt speaks in Filipino in this scene, which may explain the reason for the presence of Santa Rosa de Lima in this place, since she is the patron saint of the Philippines.

As is known, Santa Rosa de Lima was canonized by Pope Clement X on April 12, 1671. Despite the fact that Santa Limeña never left Peru, her fame had already spread to the Asian country where she was attributed a miracle occurred in the Philippine province of Laguna.

Juan Fonseca, a historian specializing in religious issues, Explain that the devotion to Santa Rosa de Lima in the Philippines is due to the “common history that that country has with Latin America due to the fact of having been part of the Hispanic empire for a long time, which constituted a religiosity or a religious background quite similar where Catholicism has a very important majority force and, on the other hand, because it has also built an identity that, although it depends on the Hispanic, has very own characteristics ”.


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