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Disney makes the announcement: Guy Ritchie will direct the remake of Hercules

After the live action version of Aladdin (2019) was the first film of his career to exceed one billion grosses, director Guy Ritchie will bring an animated classic from Disney. It is nothing more and nothing less than Herculesaccording to the portal Deadline.

Thus, the remake of the Greek hero will be produced by AGBO, a studio led by the brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of films of the stature of Infinity War or Endgame. The process to hire writers is underway, after Dave Callaham has written a first draft.

However, no further details have been revealed yet, however, the love that is felt for this Disney animated classic sees a success in theaters.

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For his part, Guy Ritchie has just finished filming an action thriller that still has no title. This film will star actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Plus, he’s coming off of Operation Fortune: The Great Hoax (2022), which he wrote, directed, and executive produced.

One of the details that draws the most attention will be the actor chosen to play the hero Hercules, or the CGI that will be used to play the creatures present in the original film, such as the faithful Pegasus, the satyr Philoctetes or the Cyclops that hits him. a beating to our heroes.

Other characters that generate expectation are the gods of Olympus and Hades himself, the highly charismatic antagonist of the series who became an unforgettable villain of the animated film. Without a doubt, the tape will be full of expectations and surprises.


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