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Do you live abroad? follow these steps and renew your ID via the web and the consulates where to pick it up

Lima, February 8, 2022Updated on 02/08/2022 01:38 pm

The National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Renieck) reminded Peruvians living abroad that it is at their disposal, the service that will allow them to renew the Identity Document (ID) via the web from your country of residence and without leaving home. Also, he indicated that to date there are 29 consulted where the collection is carried out once the process is completed.

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In this way, from the comfort of their home or office, our compatriots will only have to download the application “Biofacial ID” from the Play Store.

With the application installed, foreign residents will be able to validate their identity and carry out their procedure on the Reniec website “Reniec.gob.pe”. The renewal will allow them to update data such as photo, address, marital status and organ donation.

The DNI can be collected at 29 consulates in 11 countries: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Bilbao (Spain); Paterson, Houston, Houston, Denver, San Francisco, Washington, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Hartford, Miami, Chicago and Denver (U.S); Santiago and Iquique (chili); Buenos Aires and Cordoba (Argentina); Florence (Italy); Paris (France); and Tokyo and Nagoya (Japan); Ottawa and Montreal (Canada); Milan and Rome (Italy); Caracas (Venezuela); and the peace (bolivia).

What are the steps to renew DNI from abroad?

1) Payment of the procedure

  • Pay the respective rate for your renewal process due to expiration of the DNI/DNIe previously through the website www.pagalo.pe.
  • Or you can do it during the procedure in the website with Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Diners Club debit or credit card.
  • This procedure is not suitable for DNI minors.

2) Download and install App

3) Verify your identity from BioFacial

  • Enter your number ID
  • Choose: Renewal due to expiration of DNI
  • Take a photo for biofacial recognition
  • Choose: verify identity
  • Press: start screen welcome@

4) Register the new photo for the DNI from the app

  • Enter the option recommendations for a proper photo taking for your ID
  • Go to option Take a photo. press save or recapture in case you are not satisfied with the image.
  • Choose validate and authenticate. Ready” this will be the new photograph for your ID

5) Choose the consulate to pick up renewed DNI

  • Select the option Online Services-Renewal due to expiration of the DNI/DNIe
  • Accept the terms and conditions and validate your personal data
  • You can update your address, organ donation and the photograph already updated in the app.
  • Enter your contact information: cell phone and email. Choose the continent and the nearest consular office.
  • You will automatically see the image of the payment receipt for your procedure.
  • Reniec will send a notice of compliance with your procedure to your email.
Steps to renew ID via web.
Steps to renew ID via web.


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