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Doctors protest to demand the departure of the Minister of Health due to risks in the COVID-19 vaccination

Some 300 doctors held a sit-in this morning in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Health (minsa) to complain about the questioned minister Hernán Condori. “The doctors are on the streets because of the minister.” was what was heard at the demonstration organized by the Medical Association of Peru (CMP), the Peruvian Medical Federation (FMP) and the National Medical Union of Social Security of Peru (Sinamssop).

The same organizations held a press conference on Tuesday, March 1 to explain the risks that Minister Condori continues in the health portfolio. One of the biggest problems was the low coverage of vaccination against Covid-19 and the resignation of the Minsa team.

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In this sit-in, the dean of the CMP, Dr. Raúl Urquizo, maintained that the demonstration is for the “defense of health, since [el ministro] does not meet the minimum conditions. In addition, in dialogue with El Comercio, the dean indicated that the The medical community already sent a formal letter weeks ago to President Pedro Castillo and Premier Aníbal Torres, but received no response.

“Now it’s up to Congress to take action. If this is not the case, we will have to talk again with the medical community to see what measures we are going to take because we are concerned about this situation”, Dr. Urquizo told this newspaper.

About an alleged “mafia”

Days ago, the Minister of Health pointed out that an alleged “mafia” is the one behind the request for his departure from that sector. “We found a whole mafia in the health sector and the one who speaks to you is uncovering different irregular processes from all the previous efforts”, declared the minister.

However, former ministers of the sector have declared against this. Former Minister Oscar Ugarte indicated on social networks that if he does not denounce who would be part of the alleged mafia “it would only be a smoke screen to cover the complaints against him by the CMP and other institutions that ask for his resignation.”

On the other hand, former minister Hernando Cevallos said: “Thousands of people work at Minsa defending Health. That is why the minister should specify the members of the alleged “mafias” that he has discovered.”

Along the same lines, the dean of the CMP said that if the minister has discovered a mafia, “why doesn’t he report it? that waits?”. He added that “it is an insult to the medical profession. There are 567 doctors who have died of Covid to date precisely due to lack of equipment.

Minister Condori questioned

Condori is being investigated by the La Merced anti-corruption prosecutor’s office for the alleged crimes of improper collection and incompatible negotiation to the detriment of the State, specifically the Chanchamayo Health Network.

Likewise, he is the protagonist of videos in which he refers to the consumption of ivermectin and azithromycin for the prevention of Covid. There are also videos where Condori promotes “agua arracimada” for health benefits without scientific evidence.


The questions to Hernán Condori Machado have to do with his experience in the health sector and his promotion of pharmaceutical products without any scientific support. This morning the Medical College of Peru has requested his resignation


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