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Dragon Ball: The Reason Bardock and Gine Never Visited Goku in the Other World

The Otherworld appeared in dragon ball to show us that there is life after death. Humans and normal creatures who die come to the Otherworld as spirits or souls. Goku, Krillin, and various other warriors have come to this universe while waiting to be revived by the dragon balls.

If that’s how things work in dragon ballWhy did Goku never get a visit from Bardock or Gine when he was in the Other World? Don’t all living beings end up on the same plane when they die?

The simplest -and even terrifying- answer is that Goku could never see his parents in the afterlife, because they had different destinies. Bardock was a Saiyan under the command of Frieza and destroyed planets and civilizations along with his colleagues, so it is inevitable that his destiny is hell.

DRAGON BALL | Goku in the Other World for the first time

Even the less evil version of Bardock in Dragon Ball Minus, who loves his wife and children, still commits planetary genocide on a regular basis in the name of the Saiyan race and Frieza’s empire. Recall, for example, when Vegeta sacrificed himself to save the world from Majin Buu and King Enma still sent him to Hell for his crimes when he came to the Otherworld. Bardock would have to follow the same fate.

Gine’s case is different. She probably went to heaven, where Goku is not done yet. It happens that, in Dragon Ball, Goku went to a special part of the afterlife reserved for all great heroes and martial arts masters in order to continue fighting and training even after death.

Gine, on the other hand, doesn’t have the cosmic clout to set up a meeting with her son on the off chance that she really knew Goku died, which she probably didn’t know he was passing through the Otherworld.

So then, Bardock and Gine just don’t have a way to find Goku even though they share the same space after death.

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