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Elden Ring came to all consoles but with certain problems

eden ring is one of the most anticipated games of this year. It is a title that adapts the gameplay of Dark Souls and Sekiro, but in an open world where gamers can create their own stories and adventures.

The title is now available on all consoles (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X) and has a score of 97 out of 100 on the Metacritic portal. In this way, the game is among the 10 best rated in history.

Despite this, some users and the developer company itself have warned about some errors on all platforms. In an official statement on the Bandai Namco portal, the company has apologized to the community.

“We are experiencing some problems that are causing the game to not work properly in certain circumstances. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and ask for your patience,” the statement read.

What bugs are there in Elden Ring and how will they be fixed?

  • Regarding the problem that the mouse is too sensitive in the PC version: we will send a patch for this problem soon.
  • Regarding the issue that Easy Anti-Cheat does not start when the Steam account name includes a multi-byte character (e.g. kanji): We are aware of the cause of this issue and will provide a patch in the near future. .
  • Regarding the frame rate phenomenon and other performance-related issues during gameplay: We will constantly work to improve the game so that it can be played comfortably in various environments and PC platforms. For the PC version, updating your graphics card drivers to the latest version can significantly improve performance.
  • About the phenomenon of game data not being saved correctly in the PlayStation 5 version: If the PS5 system unexpectedly shuts down while playing games or in sleep mode, the saved data may not be saved correctly. We are aware of the cause of this issue and are working on a patch to fix it, but until the patch is released, save your game manually by exiting the game regularly. The game data will be saved correctly if you exit the game by opening the system menu with the OPTION button and selecting “Exit Game”, then press the HOME button to return to the PS5 home screen and exit the game application once. time.

Elden Ring Launch Trailer

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