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Elections 2022: El Callao is disputed between the return of Alex Kouri and the key promotion of mayors such as Pedro Spadaro

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With one year to go subnational elections 2022, the Callao It is one of the regions of the country where the candidatures are almost defined. The dispute will be between the return of the condemned Alex Kouri to the regional government with the new movement We are Callao, and the rise of mayors like Pedro Spadaro who seeks to make the leap to the provincial mayor with his renewed movement Contigo Callao.

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By 2022, the chalacos will have to elect a new regional governor, a provincial mayor, already 6 district mayors. The strongest dispute will be seen in the provincial mayor’s office, for which several of the current district mayors are emerging who seek to ascend one more scale in the region.

Candidates for the provincial mayoralty play a double role in the campaign, because they also generate drag for the regional government, due to the fact that they run through the same territory. In addition, to apply for the regional one you must resign 6 months before if you occupy a public position, while for the provincial it is only two months of leave.

Pre-candidates for the Callao provincial mayor’s office Political grouping Actual charge
Pedro Spadaro With you Callao Mayor of Ventanilla
Carlos Cox We are peru Mayor of Carmen de la Legua
Daniel Malpartida Advance Country Mayor of Bellavista
Paul Garcia More Callao Former Congressman (2020-2021)
Marcos Pichinlingue Popular Force Former Congressman (2020-2021)
Martiza Villa Popular Renewal Former municipal manager
Francisco Calisto We are Callao (in the registration process) Businessman

For the moment, Pedro Spadaro is the best positioned to be Mayor from one of the Chalacos districts with the largest electoral bag. His management of the pandemic is one of the most outstanding in Metropolitan Lima, because his is the only district that has installed three oxygen plants, making his district one of the best prepared against a third wave. In addition, Spadaro has managed to establish an alliance with the current governor Dante Mandriotti.

According to sources close to him, the current general manager in the management of Mandriotti, José Sosa, will be the candidate of Contigo Callao -the regional movement of Spadaro– for him Regional Government of Callao.

In the case of Carlos Cox, mayor of Carmen de la Legua, he has left the regional movement Por Ti Callao and has assumed political control of Somos Perú in the first port. While Daniel Malpartida, another ex-affiliate of Por Ti Callao, joins the ranks of Avanza País and for this he has begun to change graph line of the Municipality of Bellavista with the colors of the group led by Hernando de Soto.

The graphic line of the Municipality of Bellavista (Callao) has begun to use the colors of Avanza País, a party with which Mayor Daniel Malpartida will nominate.
The graphic line of the Municipality of Bellavista (Callao) has begun to use the colors of Avanza País, a party with which Mayor Daniel Malpartida will nominate.

Other pre-candidacies that stand out are that of former congressmen Paul García and Marcos Pichilingue. García left the ranks of Acción Popular to form an alliance with the former mayor of Ventanilla Omar Marcos and his regional movement Más Callao (formerly Fuerza Chalaca). During his legislative tenure, García was the main opponent of the management of Governor Dante Mandriotti. According to García told this newspaper, in the next few days he will present a public complaint about the use of public resources by Mandriotti to favor candidacies in Callao.

For its part, Renovación Popular has as its pre-candidate Maritza Villa, a former municipal manager who denounced phantom hiring in the previous administration of former mayor Juan Sotomayor, who is facing preventive detention. While We are Callao, Alex Kouri’s movement, has as a candidate Francisco Calisto, a businessman and Vice Admiral of the Navy.

Calisto explained that they have submitted almost double the required signatures for the registration of the Somos Callao movement, and that 87% of these have been approved. “We estimate that [el proceso] It will be ending in 15 or 20 days. We have not received observations so far, as they have inspected our premises and we did not obtain observations. We have had a neat process “he told this newspaper.

The return of Kouri

For him Regional government, the dispute is less close. Everyone hopes that the dispute will be resolved between the condemned Alex Kouri and the former candidate Ciro Castillo, who in the last two congressional elections has been the most voted, although he was not enough to be elected due to the little drag of the parties with which he ran (Peru Libre in 2020 and Somos Peru in 2021) .

Francisco Calisto, representative of We are Callao, confirmed to this newspaper that Alex Kouri He is the pre-candidate for the region, and that he has already submitted to the electoral authorities the request to disassociate himself from the regional movement Chim Pum Callao.

This newspaper was also able to corroborate that Kouri he has started to clean up all his debts. In the Sunat it no longer appears its debt of almost S / 100 thousand. There is still controversy over his application because his defense assures that he is qualified to run, but electoral specialists such as Jose Manuel Villalobos indicate that he is prevented by his conviction.

Pre-candidates for the Callao Regional Government Political grouping Actual charge
Alex Kouri We are Callao (in the registration process) Unknown
Ciro Castillo More Callao Doctor
Rogelio canches Alliance for Progress Official
Victor Portilla Popular Force Official
Jose Sosa With you Callao Regional manager
Bruno mendoza Popular Renewal Businessman

In the rest of the districts

Although the pre-candidacies for the regional government and the provincial mayor’s office are almost defined, in the rest of the districts, the political groups are still under evaluation due to the extension of the deadline for the affiliation of people who wish to apply in the 2022 elections.

In Ventanilla, Avanza País would nominate the ex-mayor Angelica Rios. In Más Callao, Paul García said that it is still to be defined if they will have the former mayor as a candidate Omar Marcos (founder of the regional movement) or a Luis Becerra (affiliated since last September 2) who in 2020 applied with Podemos.

For his part, Contigo Callao set aside the questioned Deputy Mayor César Pérez and will run for Jhovinson Vasquez, current prominent councilor in the Municipality of Ventanilla.

Councilor Jhovinson Vásquez (in blue coat) with the mayor of Ventanilla, Pedro Spadaro.  Vásquez is Contigo Callao's candidate to be Spadaro's successor.
Councilor Jhovinson Vásquez (in blue coat) with the mayor of Ventanilla, Pedro Spadaro. Vásquez is Contigo Callao’s candidate to be Spadaro’s successor.

In La Perla he will apply Pedro Lopez, current provincial mayor. López left Por Ti Callao and is registering a new regional movement called Long live Callao, with which he will seek to return to La Perla where he was already mayor between 2002 and 2014.

In APP they seek to return two former mayors: Ivan Rivadeneyra to Bellavista and Daniel lecca to Carmen de la Legua. However, César Acuña’s party faces problems because its candidate for the provincial mayor, Alberto Paredes, has just declined.

When the primary elections are suspended, the political groups will be able – as in the previous processes – to choose their candidates through their leadership. And in Callao, the domes seem to already have their triples defined.


In his video column this Tuesday, Fernando Vivas maintains that those who adhere to the vacancy of President Pedro Castillo with the idea of ​​accumulating forces for a next attempt, are “playing the machine” with the stability of the country.


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