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Epic Games Store finally announces the arrival of the ‘shopping cart’

Normally, when you make purchases online, web portals have a shopping cart in which you put different items in order to pay for all of them in a single transaction.

However, the complaints of the users of the platform Epic games was that it is not possible to do this in the PC application. If you want to purchase a game, you must pay per unit and not for the whole set.

The same situation is repeated for the rotation of free video games. You must pay one for one like any other purchase, only that nothing is charged to the card. This will change in the future.

Through social networks, the company announced that after three years in the market, they have finally developed the tool to accumulate games in your shopping cart. You can review the items, remove them and add others.

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: a way to purchase multiple items from the Epic Games Store … at the same time. We know it, we know it. But hey! It’s finally here! And with the holidays just around the corner? Trust us, you’ll want a cart”, Details the company.

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