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Epic Games Store will take drastic measures to avoid the attack of negative reviews

Epic Games Store It is already one of the largest video game stores on the computer platform. In the 2021 report, the company revealed that they already have 194 million users worldwide, 34 million more than in 2020.

Little by little, the application adds new tools to improve the experience. For example, now you have a shopping basket where you can store the games you want to purchase.

Recently, they also added the game rating system. However, it will be different from other applications such as Steam. Instead of giving a voice to all users who download the game, only a handful of randomly chosen gamers will be able to leave their vote.

As the company explains, they seek with this decision to avoid “review bombing” or attack of unjustified bad ratings. Only random player ratings will be collected and an average score will be generated.

When you finish a game session, you may be presented with a survey. Not only will you give points to the title, but you will also be able to answer other questions, for example, if you think it is better to play as a team or how complicated the title is.

The Epic Games Store will take drastic measures to prevent the attack of negative reviews. (Photo: Epic Games)

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