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Eternals: What did the creator of Eros say about the Harry Styles scene?

Updated 12/20/2021 08:12 pm

The movie EternalsDespite its scores in various feature film rating forums, it was well received by fans of the Cinematographic Universe of Marvel. With a great cast and an Oscar-winning director, the film also featured Thanos’ brother, Eros.

Played by Harry Styles, Eros came to the MCU under the direction of Chlo’e. Although I tried to make the post-credits scene where Eros appears a surprise, everything was ruined when a screening dedicated only to critics was made, the actor’s casting for Los Eternos became news and traveled all over the internet.

This spoiler reached Kim Starlin, creator of the character in the comics. In an interview with THR, Starlin assured that he had not been able to attend the screening of the film, for which he discovered the participation of Eros due to these spoilers.

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He also commented that he wanted to search for images of that moment, but had not found anything. However, he was in favor of Marvel’s decision to cast Harry Styles for the role.

On the other hand, he spoke about the incorporation of another character to the MCU, Pip the Troll in the Eternals:

“He [Kevin Feige] He’s probably been laughing at me knowing that Pip was on his way, every time I teased him for putting Pip in the movies. “

“He’s an alcoholic, cigar smoker, gambler, degenerate womanizer. Probably the most immoral character I have ever created. He even beats Thanos in the immorality department. Thanos at least relies on his own moral code, which Pip forbade years before, “he added.

Eternals is coming to Disney + on January 12, 2022.


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