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Every effort has its reward: Vinicius was chosen as the ‘MVP’ of the month by LaLiga

Vinicius Junior is curdling a great season with him Real Madrid and he is in the best moment of his career, to the point that The league has decided to give him recognition for his great performance in the month of November. His 12 goals (10 in the local tournament and two in Champions League) and seven assists, have shown that the Brazilian has been decisive in the present of the ‘merengue’ cast.

This great form will be rewarded in the run-up to Sunday’s ‘derby’, where those led by Carlo Ancelotti will face Atlético de Madrid at home. ‘Vini’ will receive the trophy for the ‘MVP’ player of the month of November before the kickoff, so that everyone present at the Santiago Bernabéu will be able to give their star an ovation before the match.

Said present is given to the player with the best numbers and the best performance on the field during the month. Statistics point to the Brazilian as one of the best players in the present ‘merengue’.

In addition, this award will be accompanied by a special letter from his player in the popular FIFA 22 video game. As we well know, the young footballer revealed to be a fan of the title and will surely use his new and improved ITEM when it is available.

From criticized to essential

Vinicius wants to make a name for himself in the history of the club and knows that he cannot decline in his performance. The pressure on a Real Madrid footballer is not sustainable for everyone, due to the great demands that the institution has to always be among the best. For this reason, to be at the top you have to have the most qualified and there was a time when the Brazilian generated doubts in the technical command.

The future of ‘Canarinho ‘ came to be discussed, not being able to shine. The former Flamengo lived a constant roller coaster, being able to give his best in one game and be insufficient in the next. This raised speculation about his continuity, despite the fact that the club always claimed to have high hopes for him.

However, this was decisive for the winger to reap its fruits today. It should be noted that the attacker has never been carried away by his situation, since he has always been able to deal with pressure better than anyone, even with everything against him. Now, the Brazilian has shown a desire to improve that today leads him to be a fundamental piece in the plans of coach Carlo Ancelotti.

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