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Face-to-face classes: kiosks, cafeterias and school canteens will be closed, says Minedu

Lima, December 26, 2021Updated 12/26/2021 04:50 pm

Within the framework of the return to face-to-face classes in March 2022, the Ministry of Education (Minedu) reported that kiosks, cafeterias and school canteens will be closed, without providing service during the health emergency due to COVID-19.

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This is how the normative document called “Provisions for the return to presence and / or blendedness, as well as for the provision of educational service for the 2022 school year in institutions and educational programs of Basic Education, located in urban and rural areas, within the framework of the emergency health by COVID-19 ″, approved by Ministerial Resolution N ° 531-2021-MINEDU and published in the official newspaper El Peruano.

According to the standard, in the cases of the educational service with residence, the use of dining rooms will be allowed, respecting the maximum capacity, as well as the distance between chairs, tables, adequate natural ventilation, biosafety conditions and measures.

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While, in rural areas, in the first phase, each student will consume the food they bring from home, for which they will save a physical distance of two meters, in an open space, with the accompaniment of a teacher as part of a pedagogical hour.

During classes, the minimum distance of one meter must be maintained, doors and windows must be open to ensure adequate natural ventilation, with the exception of schools located in areas with cold climates.

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Likewise, the maximum capacity established for each space must be respected, and materials or masks cannot be shared or exchanged.


The norm too provides that the return to the classroom will take place between March 1 and 14. It also details that attendance will be a maximum of 4 chronological hours per day in urban contexts, in a first phase. For the rural areas the regular schedule will be considered, according to their school day.

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