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Fans assure that a character who has not yet debuted in the UCM is present in the trailer for Dr. Strange 2

Updated on 02/19/2022 10:28 pm

The trailer that was released at the end of Superbowl LVI in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, is now a minesweeper of cameos and new clues about the plot of this new movie from Marvelwhich generates a lot of expectation among fans.

They haven’t stopped looking in every little place in the trailer and posters for clues, and apparently found a character who will debut in the future at Marvel, but could be featured in this movie.

This is Blade, a character that we already heard at the end of The Eternals, the latest Marvel movie. Although we had already heard it and there was an official confirmation by its actor Mahershala Ali, now it seems that we can see it in the new film by Benedict Cumberbatch.

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In the part where Blade supposedly appears, it is in a scene in which Strange is being directed to a kind of court where the famous Illuminati, led by Charles Xavier, could be.

Fans supposedly saw Blade to the right of all of them, as he apparently carries a sword, Blade being the main swordsman today.

However, Blade was never part of the Illuminati in the comics, and may be Namor, a character who has never appeared in the MCU, but has been teased before.

However, nothing is confirmed, but we will be able to find out in May of this year, at the premiere of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


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