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Final point for Ezra Miller: the actor will not continue in the DCEU and Warner raises options for the premiere of ‘The Flash’

After the actor Ezra Miller involved in many scandals, including some involving minors, the patience of Warner Bros seems to have finished and for that reason they would not continue counting on him for the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

The legal problems in which Miller is involved caused his future as the hero ‘Flash‘ in the DC universe is diluted, because according to the Deadline portal, Warner is already considering some ideas for its replacement within this universe.

As is known, the actor cannot currently be fired, since the filming of the film has begun and the time to get another protagonist. On the other hand, both Warner and David Zaslav, CEO of the company, have high hopes for the film that has cost around 200 million dollars.

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“Warner has nothing to gain from this (…) This is an inherited problem for Zaslav. The only hope is that the scandal will be lowered between now and the premiere of the film and hope that it comes out as well as possible, ”they point out from Deadline.

According to Zaslav himself, the actor will no longer be part of the future of the DCEU, for which the study has been analyzing three possibilities for the premiere of The Flash: restrict the film’s advertising campaign, release it directly on HBO or release the film on theaters leaving Ezra’s case in the background in case it gets worse.

All options contain risks, even more so the second one, as this would represent a tremendous loss in economic terms for the studio, knowing that the film has big names, both in production and distribution.

Ezra Miller's worst moment?: New scandal puts his acting career at risk
The actor Ezra Miller returns to star in a scandal, and that is that he continues to accumulate a series of complaints against him that put his employment situation at risk in series and sagas as famous as “The Flash” and “Fantastic Animals”. What happened to him recently and what were his other altercations? We tell you in this video.

So we have Andy Muschietti directing, as well as Michael Keaton as Batman. The actor has not commented on his legal situation and the scandals he has been involved in, at least not in a good way. However, if this doesn’t get any worse, The Flash should be released on June 23, 2023.


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