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Find out if you can practice the COVID self-test in pharmacies and drugstores

Lima, January 13, 2022Updated on 01/13/2022 10:53 am

The Ministry of Health (minsa) ruled on whether it would be evaluated to have the self-test, which allows people to find out by their own means if they are infected with COVID-19, could be carried out in pharmacies and apothecaries, after they have been authorized to be marketed throughout the country.

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In dialogue with Canal N, the head of the National Institute of Health (INS), Víctor Suárez, explained that a possible measure to allow nasal tests to be carried out in these spaces it would not be appropriate because it could lead to a risk of eventual coronavirus infections because, for the most part, these places are closed.

“The problem with self test is that sampling also involves a risk of transmission of the disease because at the time of taking the test aerosols can be eliminated and there is a risk. If pharmacies had a suitable, spacious, and ventilated place where to take the sample, it would be indicated, otherwise it could be a risk to take the test in a closed space, eventually “, said the official.


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Minsa pronounces on whether COVID-19 self-tests could be carried out in pharmacies and apothecaries.

Positive self-test cases must be reported

Suárez Moreno recommended that people carry out a COVID-19 self-test that, if the result is positive, they should go to a health center or report it to Line 113 so that the case is registered, but above all health professionals follow up on it.

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“The self-test is a test that the person buys and applies the test to himself. If it comes out positive, what the person could do is go to a health facility and report that they have a positive test to take the appropriate measures, nor just to register it as a case, but to do a clinical follow-up. In other words, all people who are positive can call 113 to report their clinical situation, or if there is a risk situation they can also be called to follow up “, He said.

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