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First group of Peruvians who fled Ukraine arrived in the country tonight

Lima, March 5, 2022Updated on 03/05/2022 09:12 pm

On the night of this Saturday, March 5, the first group of Peruvians who managed to leave Ukraine in the face of the massive military offensive by the Russian Federation arrived in national territory.

These are 13 nationals who arrived at the Jorge Chávez International Airport (Callao) after 8:30 p.m. They left in the early hours of the morning from Warsaw (Poland), in order to reunite with their loved ones in our country.

They were received by President Pedro Castillo and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, César Landa, who were accompanied by Ambassador María Antonieta Masana, director of Peruvian Communities Abroad and Consular Affairs.

“It has been a humanitarian effort of the Peruvian Government so that the Peruvians who were in a dramatic situation, of armed conflict that Peru rejects and promotes peace, could come in healthy conditions”expressed the foreign minister, who reported that more Peruvians will arrive in the coming days.

“Thank God everything went well and we already have it here”Said a young man who traveled to Poland to bring his mother, who lived in Kiev, back to Peru.

Martin Masias Alvarezanother returnee who lived 37 years in Ukraine also described the scenario he experienced in Kiev: “Pretty dramatic, a war is a war with all its consequences. It’s a hard thing to describe.”.

Earlier, Landa anticipated the arrival of our compatriots on Twitter. “Good news. Thanks to the efforts of our @CancilleriaPerutoday our first 13 compatriots who managed to leave Ukraine will arrive in Peru, to reunite with their families and loved ones”, posted.

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