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Florentino already has substitutes for Marcelo: two options that have already played in Madrid

After more than 15 years, in June Marcelo will put an end to his career in the Real Madrid. The Brazilian winger already has options to continue his career outside the Bernabéu, but in the offices of the ‘White House’ they also already have a replacement for him. Florentino Pérez wants to ‘repatriate’ two ex-Madridistas so that they have their second chance.

According to information that advances the portal ‘Superdeporte’ in Spain, the president of Madrid has between eyebrows and eyebrows to pick up Theo Hernandez after a single season wearing the ‘white’ elastic.

The current player of AC Milan It has exploded in Italy and its progression is being unstoppable. The option of the Atlético de Madrid youth squad, however, is not the only one that Madrid contemplates.

In the offices of the ‘White House’ is the name of Frank Garciawho made his debut in the first team of the Madrid in 2018, replacing Dani Carvajal in a Copa del Rey match against Melilla. However, given the lack of opportunities, in 2020 he went to Vallecas, where to date he is a benchmark in Rayo Vallecano and one of the untouchables for Andoni Iraola.

The truth is that between them two, or both, will be the replacement of Marcelo, who this season is once again getting minutes and Ancelotti is giving him back the confidence he had years ago. But still, his term is about to come to an end.

Two options in America

According to the newspaper ‘Marca’, one of the alternatives, the most realistic according to the bookmakers, is his return to Brazil at the hands of Fluminense. Marcelo He left the lower categories and in 2005 he was promoted to the first team. Two years with the elders were enough for him to receive the offer from the Real Madrid. The rest, history.

The other chance I might get Marcelo is to travel to the United States to play in the Inter-Miami from David Beckhamwho has already sent several offers to the Brazilian in the recent past.

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