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Foreign Ministry: Peruvians leaving Ukraine will no longer be repatriated by FAP plane but on commercial flights

Faced with the massive military offensive by the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that the repatriation of Peruvians who arrived at the Polish border after fleeing from Ukraine will be through commercial flights, and will no longer opt for a return transfer to our country through a plane of the Peruvian Air Force (FAP).

In a release, the Foreign Ministry thanked the Ministry of Defense (Mindef) for its support, which made aircraft available to carry out the flight of compatriots. However, he highlighted that overflight permits were obtained for the 12 airspaces from third countries for FAP aircraft.

He indicated that on Tuesday, March 1, the Honorary Consulate of Peru in Kiev embarked 24 Peruvians from the Central Train Station in Kiev to Warsaw. The train that transports the nationals is already in Polish territory, having entered through the Dorohusk border point, at 4:00 p.m. in Poland (10:00 a.m. in Peru).

Upon arrival in Warsaw, the Embassy of Peru They will provide accommodation and food. This group of compatriots joins the nationals who have already managed to leave Ukraine.

To date, a total of 31 nationals have managed to leave Ukrainewho, if they wish, will be repatriated to Peru on commercial flightsa route that in the current circumstances constitutes the fastest and most efficient exit for the tranquility of our compatriots and their families”, reads the statement.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs appreciates the support provided at all times by the Ministry of Defense, a sector that responded promptly to the request to set up a plane for the repatriation of Peruvians and that, in coordination with the Foreign Ministry, obtained overflight permits for the 12 airspaces of third countries, according to its route plan”, he indicates.

The Foreign Ministry affirmed that, through its consular missions, it maintains permanent contact with displaced nationals in order to guarantee their safety and integrity and in response to the evolution of the security situation in the area, which is highly volatile and changing.

Likewise, permanent coordination is maintained with other foreign ministries in the region to join efforts aimed at the repatriation of our compatriots.

As is public, the Government authorized the trip of the crew in 4 FAP aircraft, responsible for carrying out the repatriation of citizens Ukrainian Peruvians to Peru, from the city of Warsaw, in Poland. It was about the planes: Hercules L-100-20 FAP 397 (main), Spartan C-27J FAP 332 (alternate), Spartan C-27J FAP 328 (alternate) and Boeing B-737-500 FAP 356 (alternate).

Help numbers for Peruvians

Our compatriots can be contacted through the following means:

  • Cel. Emerg.: (+48) 601 083 987 – Counselor Luis Gonzalo Cieza, head of the Consular Section in Warsaw.
  • Telephone Honorary Consulate in Kiev: (+38) 050 332 2765 (WhatsApp) – Igor Balenko Honorary Consul.
  • Directorate of Assistance and National Protection of the Foreign Ministry of Peru: (01) 204-3279.
  • Emails: Warsaw: consulado@perupol.pl Kyiv: peru@ln.ua

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