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Fortnite adds mysterious item for only 27 minutes

Fortnite you’ve seen a wide range of random items in your story. There were random weapons that no one has actually used, like the scoped revolver, and random items like revive grenades. However, nothing compares to what just happened: an item that was available for less than half an hour and only a few were able to use it.

Many of the items from Fortnite that are only available for a short period of time are for challenges. There were also in-game items for limited time modes, which usually disappear after the event ends.

A particular item was attached to a quest in an LTM, and both were removed from Fortnite quite quickly. As a result, Mythic Raptor Claw was only available for 27 minutes.

In this LTM, players of Fortnite they must collect helicopter parts to repair it and use it to fly off the island. That was the object of the game. However, finding the pieces was quite difficult.

There was an NPC on the island for this mode that would offer a hint. Unfortunately, they would only help if they were given the Mythic Raptor Claw first. The Loopers needed to kill a pack of birds of prey to get this last item.

Players were then required to return the item to the NPC, who would help them find the parts they needed. Epic Games removed the mode pretty quickly, and the quest wasn’t that helpful to begin with.

FORTNITE | Patch Notes 21.00


  • New weapon for the game: Hook Glove
  • We can obtain them in the hook glove tool boxes in various locations throughout the island.
  • Its operation is very similar to that of the Spider-Man web launchers from season 1

Weapon Stat Changes

  • Increased pellet damage, minimum pellet counter, accuracy, and maximum damage limit of the 2-shot shotgun
  • Hammer Assault Rifle recoil reduced
  • Combat SMG damage has been reduced
  • Increased the recoil of the first bullet of the Ram Rifle (Burst Assault)
  • Ram Rifle (Burst Assault) damage reduced

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