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Fortnite Chapter 3: bows and arrows return to Battle Royale and so you can earn extra XP

Fortnite announced on its website all the changes to the platform with the 19.30 update, which marks the beginning of Arcotherapy week. From now until March 1, the arcs from Chapter 2 – Season 6: Instincts will be in Chapter 3 – Season 1: Back.

Eager to lend a hand to this arsenal? Through the chests and earth loot you can find many primitive fire bows, primitive fetid bows, mechanical explosive bows, mechanical shock bows and arrows.

In addition, the players Fortnite they will be able to complete the “Arctherapy week” quests to earn extra XP.

“When the arcs go back in time and the “Arctherapy week” quests end, a new theme week will begin on March 1 at 15:00 CET. Just like the week of Arcotherapy, this week will bring a new batch of special missions!”reads the official announcement from Epic Games.

FORTNITE | How to use Drake Maps

When holding the map, players will see multiple dashes in a row. These point players in the direction of the treasure. When they switch to a weapon, since it’s not always a good idea to run around holding something that can’t fire, the lines will disappear.

When the map is in the player’s possession, the buried treasure will glow yellow so players can see where it is. However, when they drop the map, that help will disappear.

Players will then need to hit the buried chest six times to fully unearth it. When looted, players will likely walk away with a couple of purple or gold weapons, setting them up nicely for the rest of the game.

In theory, it’s possible to dig up buried treasure without Drake’s treasure map, but that would require players to randomly pick at the ground and hope they get lucky.

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