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Fortnite Chapter 3: error causes players to earn 180 thousand XP in 10 minutes

Like any other season in Fortnite, Chapter 3 Season 1 also has various Milestone Quests. Completing the tasks allows players to earn XP. Since there are 20 levels in each of these tasks, the total XP gained through this method is huge.

It was recently revealed that players would be able to complete one of the Milestone Quests through a glitch and earn XP in a few minutes. To activate the glitch, players will need to take a spray of their choice and add it to inventory. After that, they will need to enter a match and navigate to any of the Seven Outposts to find the vaults.

The players of Fortnite They will need to locate a vault and stand in front of it. After that, they will need to spray the spray on the vault door. The rift will activate and count towards the challenge of “Open a vault”.

Spraying the vault door five times will count towards completing a stage of the task. Repeating the action will complete the entire task in a few moments and reward players with XP.

Completing each level of the challenges rewards players with 8,000 XP. Therefore, completing all the tasks will award 160,000 XP. After completing ten tasks, players can claim an additional 20,000 XP. Therefore, players can easily earn up to 180,000 XP using this bug.

FORTNITE | Location of the vaults

  • Seven Outpost I- Southwest of Greasy Groove
  • Seven Outpost II – Northwest of Logjam Lumberyard
  • Seven Outpost III – Northeast of the Daily Bugle
  • Seven Outpost IV – South East of Chonkers Speedway
  • Seven Outpost V – Southwest of Covert Cavern
  • Seven Outpost VI – In the exact center of the island
  • Seven Outpost VII – North of Joneses

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