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Fortnite Chapter 3: new maps to earn XP in heaps by doing nothing

XP glitches in Fortnite Chapter 3 seem to be on the rise. Despite Epic Games’ best attempts, content creators like Glitch King continue to find exploits related to experience points. Two new XP bugs have recently been discovered.

They are simple to execute and require minimal effort on the part of the player. Fortnite. Here are the steps required to start using these flaws:

Map 1

  • Go to Creative Mode, press the island code and enter 9672-0800-1824.
  • Once loaded onto the map, interact with the rift in the middle of the map.
  • Players will be teleported into an obstacle course.
  • Once there, look for the ladder that says “Really Easy.”
  • Using the grappler, players must get to the top of the stairs.
  • Once there, a button labeled “Don’t tell anyone about this” will be located in the upper right corner.
  • Pressing it will start players receiving AFK XP

In the same creative map, there is another button hidden at the top of the vertical stack that says “Impossible.” Players can use the grappler to reach the top and activate the button labeled “What are you doing here?”

Map 2

  • Go to Creative Mode, press the island code and enter: 1008-0451-9754.
  • Once loaded onto the map, players must go to the east side of the map and look for a secret button.
  • Pressing it will generate AFK XP.
  • The location of the secret button may vary from player to player. If XP stops, players must leave the match, enter the map again, and repeat the process.

The XP glitch shown on the first map increases exponentially. Starts at 100 XP / second and increases after pressing both buttons. The second map provides approximately 3942 XP / second.

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