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Fortnite Chapter 3: trick to use the same Drake map infinitely

Drake’s map was recently introduced in Fortnite as a change to the classic treasure maps of past seasons. The map allows players to obtain various rare weapons that are highly sought after by the community in Chapter 3.

Normally, the players Fortnite You can use the map once to find the treasure and it will disappear from your inventory after you dig up the chest. However, a new glitch has been discovered that allows players to use the map as many times as they want.

The fault is courtesy of glitch king in Youtube. Players must equip Drake’s map to open a chest even once. These can be acquired from floor loot, chests, rare chests, and supply drops. The only place they can’t be found is in vending machines.

FORTNITE | So you can use the glitch

This glitch is only possible in duos, trios, or squads. Players must have a teammate to use the map more than once

As soon as players find the map, they should get to X right away. Once they are there, they need to dig up the chest but not open it. Players can then drop the map and allow their teammates to pick it up.

Unfortunately teammates will have to be taken down and then eliminated. The map that players pick up will show a new treasure. They can dig up the first one and go looking for the second one.

This can be done as often as the players of Fortnite they can, although restarting a teammate over and over again takes time.

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