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Fortnite Chapter 3: where to destroy the mailboxes in Sleepy Sound and Tilted Towers

destroy mailboxes in Fortnite It has been a basic challenge for some time now. Players had to drive a car and run them over or just break them to complete the task.

It is not clear what prejudices he has Epic Games against the mailboxes, but they want to destroy them in Chapter 3. However, this will not be easy given the location where the mailboxes will be destroyed.

Loopers must carry out the task at express delivery locations to successfully destroy mailboxes. Those who manage to complete the task will get 25,000 experience points.

Mailbox locations in Sleepy Sound in Chapter 3 Season 1

Destroying mailboxes in the game is easy. However, attempting this challenge in Tilted Towers is not the best idea. Since it is still a very busy area, the other location is a better option.

  • Land at the Lofty Lighthouse, Shell, or High Water, which is northwest of Sleepy Sound.
  • Find the right loot and get ready.
  • Once you’re ready, turn to Sleepy Sound and secure the area.
  • Mailboxes can be found next to the sidewalks.
  • Destroy them to complete the task.

Although it is not recommended to land on Tilted Towers to complete this task, expert players can try to complete it at their own discretion. Here we share the map with the locations of the mailboxes.

Mailbox locations in Tilted Towers in Chapter 3 Season 1
Mailbox locations in Tilted Towers in Chapter 3 Season 1

FORTNITE | Free loot in February

The “Creative Chaos” event of Fortnitethe Battle Royale from Epic Games, is back for Chapter 3. Starting February 7, 2022, players can go to the official Creative Chaos website to register to participate in this new challenge.

Note that Fortnite is giving away material for just signing up on the Chaos Creativo site. Simply register to have the emoticon in your inventory “The reign of love”.

Also, by playing 30 minutes or more on the map of creative chaos, they will unlock an additional reward: the Scepter of Hearts pickaxe. You can access the map through the creative hub or by following this link.

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