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Fortnite Chapter 3: where to find the automatic pistol on the Battle Royale map

Fortnite Chapter 3 continues to make adjustments to gameplay. The most recent patch 19.20 update makes loopers have the automatic pistol, suitable for close-range combat.

The automatic pistol Fortnite deals high damage when players are very close, due to the fast rate of fire and the accuracy is not the best at medium range.

Still, the most experienced players of Fortnite they will be able to deal damage to opponents as long as they fire in short bursts to maintain their aim. Remember that the magazine size of this pistol is large, so you can shoot freely if the target is in your sights.

The new automatic pistol can be found on the ground, in normal and rare chests, in supply drops, and by fishing for fish and sharks.

It should be noted that the automatic pistol is not included in the competitive queues, but it is included in the evaluation period.

FORTNITE | Free loot in February

The “Creative Chaos” event of Fortnitethe Battle Royale from Epic Games, is back for Chapter 3. Starting February 7, 2022, players can go to the official Creative Chaos website to register to participate in this new challenge.

Note that Fortnite is giving away material for just signing up on the Chaos Creativo site. Simply register to have the emoticon in your inventory “The reign of love”.

Also, by playing 30 minutes or more on the map of creative chaos, they will unlock an additional reward: the Scepter of Hearts pickaxe. You can access the map through the creative hub or by following this link.

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